Earn with Leasing to us

Earn LTO with leasing coins to our node, how does it work ?

It’s very simple. First, make sure that you have your LTO in your wallet on the LTO Network mainnet already.
If your LTO is still on the Ethereum network and thus still is an ERC20 token, you will need to transfer your tokens to the LTO Mainnet first with the Bridge function in your LTO Wallet. Transferring LTO tokens to the LTO Network mainnet will cost you a fee of 40 LTO per transfer. So, to save on costs, it is wise not to make too many transfers.

You can access or create your wallet here : wallet.lto.network

If your have to transfer your tokens from the Ethereum network choose Bridge and follow instructions, otherwise, click on the leasing button.


Leasing LTO Coins to node


After that you choose ‘Start lease’ and you will get the next screen which allows you to fill in a Node Address (Recipient) and an amount of LTO Coins that you want to lease to that node. Make sure you reserve at least 1 LTO for the fee to start a lease. So, if you want to lease the maxium amount to our node, subtract 1 LTO of the amount of LTO you have in your wallet.



Once that you have filled in the nessecary fields you click on ‘Start Lease’ and the lease is set.

After you did this, your coins are now leased to a node and they will be added to the ‘generating stake’ after 1000 new blocks has been created on the blockchain.

Is it safe to lease to a node?

Don’t worry about leasing your coins to our node, it is not a transfer of your coins.
Your coins will stay in your wallet and you are the only one who has access to it.
No one but you is able to transfer or sell your coins when you lease them to our node.
You can cancel your lease whenever you want and sell or transfer them at anytime.


Rewards for leasing to our node


Rewards for leasing 95%
Payouts Weekly


Our Node Address

Use this address to lease to our node : 3JnN8psLjuEyiPbH2bYcEFKUFpcamxzwFiv

Direct link : LTO Node wallet

You can start a lease to our node at anytime, it is even not necessary to contact us or inform us about your lease. Our node will automatically recognize your lease once is it activated and it will count for rewards as soon as 1000 blocks has been generated on the LTO Network after you started your lease. Payments are done weekly, every sunday.


Contact us at twitter and telegram

You may always contact us via twitter or telegram, you can send us a private message or ask questions in the LTO Node telegram- group.

Our twitter: twitter.com/ltonode

Our telegram group: t.me/ltonode


Why lease to ltonode.com

There are some good reasons to choose for us when you’re looking to lease your coins.

  • Fixed rewards at 95% of your generating stake
  • Weekly payouts
  • We develop tools which helps you tracking most important data
  • We run our node with good specs in our own datacenter
  • Our node has a 100% uptime since launch of mainnet
  • You can always message us via twitter or telegram if you have any questions


Five tools that we developed

We have made five really nice tools which you can use to monitor data of LTO Network and make some good analysis by yourself :

LTO Network ROI Calculator:


Realtime monitoring of all LTO Supply data:


Realtime monitoring of transactions on LTO Network:


Historic price data of LTO at Bitmax in USDT and BTC


Realtime monitoring of all LTO Node statistics:



Lease to us

If you like what we are doing and how we are doing it, join our node today!