LTO Node

About LTO Node
and how you can earn with us..

About LTO Node

We create blocks and store transactions for LTO Network on their blockchain with our VPS.

LTO Node

Earn with Leasing to us

You can earn $LTO by leasing your coins to our node. We don’t need your keys, it’s safe and simple.

Leasing LTO to node


We have developed a set of tools that you can use to monitor LTO Network’s blockchain

LTO Network transactions

Securing transactions

As LTO Network Fullnode we help to secure transactions on the Blockchain. Transactions are signed and their hashes are stored decentralized in order to prove it’s legitimacy.


We’re hosted at our own datacenter running on non-overbooked resources.

Stable & reliable

Our VPS is running Ubuntu with a custom debian package instead of Docker.

About LTO Network

What is LTO Network ?

LTO Network is a company from the Netherlands which makes it their business to improve accountancy processes with Blockchain Technology. The company was founded in 2016 and made more than $1.000.000 profit already in 2018.
With blockchain technology they can process administrative tasks more efficiently then their clients could before. This is how they create value.

What does LTO Network do ?

LTO Network uses blockchain technology for accountancy purposes for large companies. Legal documents are stored digitally. From this files unique cryptographic hash-keys are generated and stored decentralized on the blockchain. This way, LTO Network customers can prove that the digitally stored documents are 100% genuine.

Why does LTO Network use Blockchain ?

The value of using blockchain lies in the principle that you can store data in a decentralized network permanent and unmutable.
This way clients can prove data is unmodified since it was stored, which is very important in accountancy. Storing data in a decentralized blockchain is very cost effective and this data is always accessible & transparant.

What do LTO Network Fullnodes do?

Fullnodes on the LTO Network mine block’s on the blockchain. Hash-keys which are generated by special designed software can be uploaded to a block on the blockchain. A block may contain transactions from several clients at the same time. For processing blocks and network transactions, fullnodes receive fee’s.

some LTO Network clients
Albert Heijn
IBM Watson